There are many service that are offered by DHIR AND PARTNERS SDN BHD.
What can we do for you?



What Can WE Do For You?

Our mission is to maximize our client’s profit
through debt recovery.

Debt Outlook

  • Fresh data indicates that business and consumers are accumulating debts at an alarming rate. Thus, getting paid in a timely manner is a challenge that promises to get more difficult  as times goes by.
  • In today fast pace business world, most service provider are concentrating on sales and have little time to deal with collections. It is common that longer an account is left unpaid, the less likely you are to recover the monies.
  • Aware of this scenario, we at Dhir & Partners Sdn Bhd establish to offer our debt recovery services, where we have designed a debt collection program which are set up as an extension on your credit department.
  • By outsourcing debt collection activities, it could help your management and staff capability for further efficient business development and at a proven cost – effective way to improve your cash flow.

Computerized System

  • Since we started our early operations, we always believe in technology – good and reliable system will always produce good results to our clients.
  • We then have our own team in doing on-going research and had come out with the solution: – 


Call Centre Environment

  • In House Tele-collection can increase recovery efficiency and profits by maintaining contact with your customer base.
  • It also can cut costs, boost profits and reactive lapsed accounts with astonishing speed.
  • Tele-collection also can help to identify marginal accounts before they become delinquent and target these accounts for aggressive recovery action.
  • This will benefit our clients by improving their bottom line and productivity.

Field Recovery Team

  •  Throughout our experience, debtors who give many excuses over the phone, offer little resistance when confronted personally.
  • This approach will come to effect after the above action is not workable.
  • Usually, when the debtors are confronted at home or workplace, pressure is brought to a very sensitive level.
  • The reason is debtors may not want to risk their employer / employees or neighbors to learn of their debt.

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Our rates are structured according to the classification of accounts.
We offer flexible and competitive rates among our competitors within the market.